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RAwsome MealsTM

"Wicked" Nutritious, Dog-DeliciousTM

“100% species-appropriate”

Dietary science suggests that we eat mostly fruits and vegetables to maintain optimal health. If we ate only snacks and junk food staying healthy would become a problem. I know your pet’s health and wellness are important to you. And, though we all understand that good health begins with eating food appropriate to our human needs, you may not know that dogs will eat almost anything to stave off hunger. In doing so, what a dog will eat is too often misunderstood as what a dog should eat. Of course, inappropriate foods = inadequate nutrition. Dogs fed inappropriate foods may appear healthy for years before showing signs of a degenerative condition. True science tells us that domesticated dogs, like their gray wolf cousins, are genetic carnivores. This means that to maintain health and wellness the essential nutrients our pets need come from consuming the muscle, organs and marrow bones of herbivore prey: 

  • Muscle tissue supplies protein and healthy fat.
  • Heart is rich in essential amino acids, potassium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and B-vitamins.
  • Secreting organs supply a range of minerals and fatty acids.
  • Bone provides calcium to maintain strong, healthy bones.
  • Marrow is rich in collagen, glucosamine and iron for healthy joints.

Gray wolves feed on small herbivores; beavers, hares or turkeys, when big game are scarce. But their prey of choice are hoofed-mammals called ungulates; sheep, elk, deer, etc. This seems to be instinctual based, in part, on the fact that the muscle of wild and farmed ungulates contains energy-storage molecules and chemical messengers called lipids that appear to treat and prevent chronic disease. Based on these facts, we believe ungulates to be the most species-appropriate food source for domesticated dogs. Based on the belief, RAwsome Meals are made entirely from USDA approved, human-grade, pasture-fed and wild ungulatesBut we must acknowledge that our meals are missing a key "ingredient". That "ingredient" is the fermentation created by the bacteria and microorganisms found in the digestive tract of ungulates and other herbivore prey. Fermentation is important because it converts protein to amino acids, which when combined with a carnivore’s own digestive enzymes creates a healthy gut and promote health, wellness and immunity. As a human-grade facility we are not permitted to include these digestive bacteria and microorganisms. So we recommend that owners add fermentation to our meals. The best choices are "green tripe”, or one of the more aromatic sources of fermentation below:

  1. Fermentation: Add 1-2 Tbsp of raw apple cider vinegar with mother per lb. of RAwsome Meals.
  2. Fermentation + fiber: Add  1-2 Tbsps low-sodium fermented organic greens per 1-lb. of RAwsome Meals.
  3. Fermentation from herbivore prey: Replace 1/8 ration (2 oz/lb.) w/herbivore prey per feeding of RAwsome Meals.

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RAwsome Meals are optimized for healthy dogs and may not be suitable for dogs on medication. For dietary advice specific to your pet, consult a nutrition-trained vet.

RAwsome Meals produced by H.F. Meats, Inc. for Carnivore Feast. Copyright 2020-2022 by Carnivore Feast