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raw lamb shank, big dog bucket
Big dog eating raw lamb shank

"Big Dog Bucket"

Each Big Dog Bucket contains four 1 lb. Pasture-fed New Zealand lamb shanks* plus a 1 lb. mix of pasture-fed New Zealand Angus heart, liver, kidney & spleen. Our Big Dog Bucket is a treat designed to be a complete meal. It's the same recipe as our meals but made with whole lamb shanks and the organs cut into larger pieces. Eating a lamb shank gives your pet's brain a serotonin boost, exercises the jaw muscles, provides sinew and includes a marrow bone. 

*Lamb shank is the portion of the rear leg from just below the knee to the ankle. 

5 lb. Big Dog Bucket

RAwsome Meals are optimized for healthy dogs and may not be suitable for dogs with underlying health issues or on medication. For dietary advice specific to your pet, consult a nutrition-trained vet.

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