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RAWsome MealsTM

Cats Are Obligate Carnivores

Herbivore prey are species-appropriate nutrition.

African Golden Cat

An African Golden Cat can be more than twice the size of a large domestic cat, standing 22 inches tall, just over 3 feet long and weighing as much as 35 pounds. They prey on rodents, red duikers, monkeys and baby Giant Forest Hogs.

Felidae, a family of mammals in the order Carnivora, aka cats, come in three sizes; small, medium and big. Big cats prey on ungulates. Medium cats prey on small ungulates and rodents. Small cats prey primarily on rodents. But, no matter their size, cats need whole prey or the equivalent. And though your tabby might not be able to bring down a small ungulate, if served, your cat will gladly eat the same meal as an African Golden Cat or Cheetah

        Because commercial wet cat food is sold in small cans and pouches you've probably never calculated the price per pound. In fact, commercial wet cat food averages $10 to $15 a pound, which is a high price to pay for a product that likely contains downed and diseased animal parts. And, if you check the label on commercial wet cat food you'll see the term “crude” in front of each nutrient, a word that does not address how digestible, absorbable or bioavailable the nutrient is. For example, the FDA allows manufacturers to include hide and hair as protein because they have a much higher "crude protein factor", but neither is as nutritious or bioavailable as raw muscle meat. 

        Should you add fermentation when feeding RAWsome Meals to cats? We recommend a couple of teaspoons of raw apple cider vinegar per 1/4 pound of meal. But your tabby can also eat any of our whole prey as a meal by themselves without adding fermentation. Feel free to mix and match RAWsome Meals and whole prey.

RAWsome Meals put more life in your pet, to give your pet more time in your life!* 

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Your cat and your pocketbook will thank you!

*RAWsome Meals are not sold as correctives for genetic predispositions, biological disorders, disease, conditions related to lack of exercise, accidents, abuse or neglect.

Feed Your Cat According to Its Biology

RAWsome Meals are optimized for healthy dogs and may not be suitable for dogs on medication. For dietary advice specific to your pet, consult a nutrition-trained vet.

RAWsome Meals produced by H.F. Meats, Inc. for Carnivore Feast. Copyright 2020-2022 by Carnivore Feast