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How RAwsome Meals Came to Be

On January 4th, 2017 I flew back to Los Angeles with a rescue named Ginger. She’d been a companion to a dog that ate his kibble and following his example she ate enough kibble to stay alive, but lived with runny stools. Now, without her kibble-eating companion to set the example Ginger wouldn't touch kibble, no matter the brand or price. It appeared that she would rather starve than eat kibble. I tried a variety of food ideas that I found online, none of which worked but was at a loss for what to feed her until I discovered the documentary, Pet Fooled, which introduced me to species-appropriate nutrition. After a good deal of research, some trial and error and input from my butcher, I developed a set of recipes that deliver the full range of essential nutrients, which added muscle, reduced shedding, produced firm, healthy stools, fresher breath and proved to be dog-delicious. But though Ginger was eating the best meals of her young life she suffered bouts of colitis every few days. A dog-owning medical professional said that nothing could be done. But that was unacceptable. I took a deeper dive into canine nutrition and discovered that the missing element was the fermentation found in the digestive tract of herbivore prey. But our human-grade production facility is not permitted to include green tripe or unwashed stomach in our meals. To include the needed fermentation I added raw apple cider vinegar. It worked, but Ginger continued to eat grass between meals. So I switched to low-sodium organic sauerkraut to add fiber. It solved her grass-eating. Of course, I had to try replacing a portion of her meals with herbivore prey, and it worked as expected.

       Ginger, now 7, maintains the physique and energy of a young, healthy dog, thanks to her RAwsome Meals.

Yours truly,

F. André Fortune

Species appropriate raw meals, muscle, organs, marrow bone, heart

2022 Lux Life Award

At 7 Ginger still plays like a puppy

Recorded 4/26/2022

Pet Fooled (A Documentary)

RAwsome Meals are optimized for healthy dogs and may not be suitable for dogs on medication. For dietary advice specific to your pet, consult a nutrition-trained vet.

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