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Species-appropriate raw meals, intermittent fasting

Therapeutic Fasting

It's important to note that even when feeding your dog species-appropriate meals, it may not be a good idea to feed your pet the same amount of the same recipe, everyday*. Wild carnivores eat what they catch. If they don't catch they don't eat, initiating a fast, which helps maintain a healthy gut. To replicate this beneficial scenario I vary my dog’s recipes, daily ration, feeding times and fast her one day a week. But her total weekly ration remains matched to her ideal weight and level of physical activity.

*Unless your dog is a growing puppy or an unhealthy senior.

Therapeutic fasting for dogs

RAwsome Meals are optimized for healthy dogs and may not be suitable for dogs with underlying health issues or on medication. 

For dietary advice specific to your pet, consult a nutrition-trained vet.

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